A Green Company

Since the early 70’s, Pucketts Recycling has been a company with a focus on making the Twin Cities a cleaner, healthier, and more beautiful place to live. Our background has always been in paper and cardboard material recycling, but we’ve also recycled, glass, plastics, metal, and other materials. We’ve always operated low impact fuel efficient trucks. The benefits of these smaller commercial recycling trucks allows us to consume less fuel, averaging 10 – 14 mpg across the fleet (compared to an industry that averages below 5 mpg). Our trucks also have less impact on parking lots as well as a less obtrusive appearance when servicing our accounts. Being a small family run company we are always looking for smart and efficient ways to allow ourselves to be more competitive in a “big business” world.
2012 Pucketts Recycling recycled nearly 4 million pounds of cardboard and paper…on pace to tip over the 4 million pound mark in 2013!